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Telephone Anglian Water customer services

Anglian Water is the principal subsidiary of Anglian Water Group Limited and employs almost 4,000 in England and Wales. The largest water and waste water company (by geographic area), Anglian Water services are at the heart of every single family in their region as Anglian clean water and deliver it to millions of homes, at the same time carefully managing it to avoid shortages. In essence Anglian Water simply borrow water from the environment, then store and treat it to supply safe drinking water to 4.3 million customers. In just the last five years alone Anglian water have invested over £100 million in water quality, hitting some of the most stringent targets in the world and are the only water company in the UK to achieve ISO standards for excellence in quality, environment and health and safety. Quite simply, the drinking water supplied by Anglian is amongst the best on the planet. They supply water that’s cleaned to the highest standard to millions of homes every day.

Each day around a billion litres of waste water are flushed and poured into our sewers through27,000 miles of pipes where it is delivered to over one thousand treatment works where it is cleaned up before it’s passed back to the environment, leaving our rivers cleaner than they’ve been for decades. There is also a leading role to be played in the wider well-being of the region and protecting the biodiversity of the environment, Anglian Water have set themselves 10 goals backed up by over 100 commitments to help them get it right. Incredibly, even though the population has grown in the Anglian region by around 20% over the last 20 years, Anglian Water still provide the same amount of water today as we did in 1990, by minimizing leaks and encouraging customers to reduce water usage by the adoption of metering and media campaigns to educate the population on the importance of water as a resource.

Anglian Water understand that from time to time customers will need extra special care and they offer a WaterCare service. If you register for WaterCare Anglian can give you extra help if the supply is interrupted and can provide special tariffs and protection from bogus callers. The WaterCare service is available to a range of customers, such as nursing mothers with children under the age of one, kidney dialysis patients who have dialysis at home, customers with sight or hearing difficulties and those who are frail and elderly or classed as disabled. If you think you may qualify for the WaterCare service and want to find out more about eligibility, please contact the Anglian Water customer service team.

To contact Anglian Water customer services regarding metering, billing, water leaks, WaterCare or for any other reason, please call them directly by clicking here.

Posted on Tuesday 3 April 2012 12 PM

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