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O2 Customer Service

One of the most common reasons customers contact O2 customer service is to report a lost or stolen handset. If you have lost your phone you need to let O2 know as soon as possible to get your phone barred, so no one else can use it, thereby running up charges on your phone. For security purposes, when you contact o2 to report a lost or stolen handset, you will need the following information. Pay monthly customers need to provide the date of the last bill, the amount it was and the tariff/plan you are currently on. Pay & Go customers need to provide two numbers you call or text often and the amount of credit you had on your phone.

Once you have contacted O2 and provided the necessary security information they will then bar your SIM and handset making sure that no-one else can use them. They will also send you a free SIM to your registered home address with your number already on. O2 customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day so always report stolen/lost phones immediately to prevent unauthorised use.

If you have bought phone insurance from O2, then you can check your policy documents for details on how to make a claim to get a replacement handset. If you don’t have O2 phone insurance it could be worth checking if you are covered on your household insurance. However prior to making claim it is required that you report the loss or theft to the police first to get a Crime Reference number, as this is often a condition of any insurance claim being accepted (with O2 or through any other insurer).

If you are a Pay Monthly customer and don’t have insurance cover, you might be due a phone upgrade. It is worth checking to see whether you're eligible for a new free handset. Alternatively it may be the best option is to replace the missing handset with a new Pay & Go phone and put your replacement SIM card in that handset.

To contact O2 customer service due to a lost or stolen mobile phone, or to let them know you have recovered a previously reported missing phone, to make an insurance claim for a new handset, to order a replacement SIM card or for any other customer enquiry, please click here.

Posted on Friday 22 July 2011 10 AM

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