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Contact the customer service agents at South West Water

South West Water provide high quality drinking water and waste water services throughout Cornwall and Devon and some parts of Dorset and Somerset. Part of Pennon Group plc South West Water began in 1989 when the water industry was privatised in the UK. At that time the water system was suffering from years of neglect due to underfunding but today the region's drinking water and sewerage systems are now in line with the stringent UK and European Union water standards. South West Water also operate an extensive programme of environmental improvement. By by investing in the future of the region, South West Water believe that they are improving the quality of life for the regions residents and also taking responsibility for the future generations.

As a customer in the South West Water region, it is important for you to realise that you have certain responsibilities when it comes to maintaining the service pipe which delivers water into your home (if you are a tenant then this is obviously the landlords responsibility). If your property is some distance away from the nearest water main you probably have a long service pipe and you are responsible for the length of the service pipe from your homey to the boundary of the street where the water main is laid, or in some cases to the main itself if it is not laid in the street. South West Water don't hold information on private pipework but can help you to confirm who is responsible for your service pipe.

If you have problems paying a South West Water bill, please do not simply ignore it and hope for the best. South West Water understand only too well that customers can experience problems paying their household bills. If you do not already have a water meter fitted South West Water can discuss whether switching to a meter may result in a lower bill. Remember that meters are installed free of charge and you can always revert to unmetered charging within the first 12 months if you are unhappy with the costs. If you have a meter fitted already then South West Water can check to see whether you are entitled to any help with your bill and can also send you information about water-saving measures that may help you to reduce water use and therefore the amount you pay. They can also agree a payment plan if you have arrears on your account, by spreading repayments over a longer period to reduce your instalments. South West Water have a strict Code of Practice on payment and debt recovery which has been approved by the official regulator Ofwat.

South West Water offer FREE water-saving kits as they realise that even small changes can lead to a big difference and a little effort to be more water efficient can save you water, money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

To contact the customer service agents at South West Water please click here.

Posted on Thursday 5 April 2012 10 AM

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